Rhema For Living 15 March 2023 OFM Devotional: Possess All

Rhema For Living 20 March 2023 OFM Devotional

Rhema For Living 15 March 2023 OFM Devotional

Rhema For Living 15 March 2023 OFM Devotional From The Desk of God’s Oracle, Apostle (Prof) Johnson Suleman. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

TOPIC: Possess All


TEXT: “And the LORD God of Israel delivered Sihon and all his people into the hand of Israel, and they smote them: so Israel possessed all the land of the Amorites, the inhabitants of that country. And they possessed all the coasts of the Amorites, from Arnon even unto Jabbok, and from the wilderness even unto Jordan.” Judges 11 :21 – 22.

Everything God has delivered into your hand, ensure you possess all. To leave some out there in the hands of the enemy is not to fulfill destiny. No aspect of your life should be failing. Scripture says, “For in him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in Him, which is the head of all principality and power” Colossians 2 :9 – 10.

God has given you the power to take back that which He bought back for you. You are not alone in getting them back.

You are just a physical representative in enforcing the victory already gotten for you. Why sit back and let the enemy still occupy your land?

The children of Israel did not fold their hands expecting the enemies to one day pack out. No! That is to wait forever. Victory is meant to be enforced engaging the spiritual weapons of warfare as led by the spirit of God Romans 8 :14.
When He leads, there is a replay of the dispossession of the adversaries for you to possess. The children of Israel asked a question which also related to you; “So now the LORD God of Israel hath dispossessed the Amorites from before his people Israel, and shouldest thou possess it? In other words, are you still going to sit back and not possess your possessions given to you by the Lord?.

PRAYER: My Father! My Father! As I begin to pray, the power to possess all you have ordained for my life, come alive in me by fire.

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