RCCG February 2024 Holy Ghost Service Message

RCCG February 2024 Holy Ghost Service Message
RCCG February 2024 Holy Ghost Service Message

RCCG February 2024 Holy Ghost Service Message




1 Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian. And he led the flock to the back of the desert, and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. 2 And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush. So he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, but the bush was not consumed.


Moses was on top of the mountain of Horeb. Moses first encountered fire on the mountain top (Hebrews 12:29). 1 Kings 19:11-12, Fire is part of the advance part of God (Psalm 68:1-3). Fire is an advance guard of God. You need the fire to fall because you cannot communicate or advance in God without it. You need the fire to fall to purify you (Isaiah 6: 1-8). The fire that is going to fall tonight is going to be a sign of purification (Mal. 3:10). Isaiah 59:1-2, Sins and iniquity can block our ways.

In other words, everyone has the potential for greatness, and it will be activated when fire falls. Luke 5:1-11. He said to Peter, you will be a fisherman of men and years passed, and nothing happened until fire fell. He began to win souls (Acts 5:14-15, Acts 1:8). The whole city was converted, and it didn’t end there (Acts 28:26- 40). Even Philip didn’t know He would become a Father of Faith.

When the fire falls on the mountain, it consumes everything: all the rocks. 2 Kings 4:1-4. He became a fire carrier. Mark 10:43-52, Blind Bartimaeus was poor, and Jesus baptized him with His fire. And He didn’t stop with the rock; God went ahead to consume the dust, which was significant to the body, soul and spirit, which also means God consumed everything that was not supposed to be there. Isaiah 10:27, He consumes sickness (John 9:1-10). Psalm 23:5.

Jesus saw a blind man, spit, made a Mould with it, and used it to heal him. Matthew 8:1-3. When a leper came, God touched the leper and healed him. He healed him with just a touch, and every sickness disappeared. And then, the fire leaked up all the water; when the fire of the Lord falls, it wipes away all tears (Luke 7:11-15). [Exodus 15:22-26, John 2:1-11]. When the fire fell on the mountain (1 Kings 18:40), all the false prophets were killed on the mountain (1 Samuel 2:1-5).

Why do you need the fire to fall tonight? For protection (Zach. 2:1-5), the best type of protection is the world of fire. You need the fire to become a fire carrier so you can subdue enemies (2 Kings 1:9 -17). (Acts 1:8). J

esus promised to His disciples that they would receive Power (fire) and they would become witnesses, and the fire came in (Acts 2). (Mark 16:17-18, Acts 3:1-8), He took the fire for Peter to work miracles. (Leviticus 9:24, Judges6:21, 1 Kings 18:36,2 Kings 1:9-12, 2 Chronicles 7: 1 and Acts 2:1-4) It was seven times that the fire of God fell, and it came always to consume something as an altar. If you want the fire to fall, you must present your body as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1-4).

1. Thank God!!!
2. Father, anything blocking my access to you, let the fire fall and consume it tonight (Isiah 59: 1-2)
3. Father please remember my offering and hear my cry tonight.
4.Father, let your fire fall on me to activate my potential, so that I can quickly become what you want me to be.

5. Father, let the fire fall on me tonight and put an end to poverty in My life
John 9:1-7
6. Father, let your fire fall and consume every form of sickness and disease in my body
7.Let your fire fall, and cause everything that is causing me sorrow
8: Father, let your fire fall on me, so that I become untouchable to my enemies
9: Let the fall upon me tonight, so that I may become a vessel unto honor unto you tonight

1. Daddy asks me to tell you, get ready because fire will fall tonight.
2. Daddy ask me to tell someone, that the thing you’re afraid of now is going to lead to your greatest testimony.

3. Daddy says, there’s a mountain you’ve been.
to move but refuse, when the fire fall tonight, it will move.
4. lord ask me to tell someone, your vision will begin to get brighter by the day
5. Prophecy that problem you’re afraid off will never reoccur

6. The lord said you will understand, (all the flies and cockroaches will be consumed)
7. Very soon your enemy will hear about you and tremble.
8. Lord says there’s someone here tonight, you will receive grace to be humble, so that you will no longer suffer Divine resistant

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