Our Daily Manna 9th April 2021 ODM Devotional – Satan; You Cannot Steal My Smile!

Our Daily Manna 9th April 2021 ODM Devotional – Satan; You Cannot Steal My Smile!

Our Daily Manna 9th April 2021 ODM Devotional By Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe

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Topic: Satan; You Cannot Steal My Smile!

Today’s Scriptures: Proverbs 15:11-17

A research was carried out to determine how attitude, appearance and personality influenced others. They carried out the research for weeks and they concluded that: The Single Most Powerful Force Of Influence That Every Human Being Has Is Their Smile.

Today’s scripture Vs. 13 says: “A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.” SORROW breaks your immunity physically, spiritually and medically! People that smile show themselves as being friendly and good natured. Smiling will make you look more beautiful than any dress or make-up kit.

One man put it this way: “The best make-up any woman can wear is a beautiful smile.” I want to challenge a user of today’s devotional: USE YOUR JOY! Let the joy of the Lord within you overflow and let it radiate through your face. There are some companies that use the frequency of smile to assess people during interviews.

A smile shows that you have what it takes to handle tough, unexpected and difficult situations. Don’t keep your smile buried and DONT ALLOW THE DEVIL TO STEAL YOUR JOY! It has been proven that the smile of a friend has a more positive impact than receiving a five thousand dollar raise! Our Daily Manna 9th April 2021 ODM Devotional Today

Use that great asset! Learn to smile on purpose! One of the most powerful assets that God has given to you is your smile. Unfortunately, many people have buried this treasure. They never smile. Even when they have the opportunity to sing songs of praise to God, they do it with a stern, unhappy face.

Nothing will help you make more friends faster than your smile. And nothing sends the arrow of SORROW to your enemy’s camp than your SMILE! They are expecting to see you cry! Let the joy of the Lord fill your heart and let it overflow today and everyday! REJECT DEPRESSON! As you smile more, greater doors of favour will open up for you!


Prayer Points for Our Daily Manna 9th April 2021 ODM Devotional Today

1. Pray over today’s word as it has ministered to you
2. Satan, you are a liar! You cannot see my TEARS this year!

3. I choose to SMILE, LAUGH and DANCE! Satan, you cannot steal my joy or SMILE this year in Jesus name!
4. My joy shall know no end; every demonic plot to dry up my joy, scatter by fire, in Jesus name.
Oh, seeds of sorrow, wither and die NOW, in Jesus name. Pray about today as led now.

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