Our Daily Manna 19th January 2021 ODM Devotional – The Tear-Wiping Technologist

Our Daily Manna 19th January 2021 ODM Devotional

Our Daily Manna 19th January 2021 ODM Devotional By Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe

TOPIC: The Tear-Wiping Technologist

SCRIPTURE: John 8: 1-11

MESSAGE: Share with me this testimony from our tweeter handle! It can only be from the God whom I call, “JEHOVAH THE TEARS TECHNOLOGIST or simply, “JEHOVAH THE TEAR WIPER”: “Dear Bishop Chris, this one is called “Jehovah Over Do/Over Surprise testimony” and I hope it gets published so that others can be strengthened in their faith in God. I participated in the January 2020 Fast and attended the World Anointing Night.

I wrote down things I wanted for 2020 and by February 2020, just 2 weeks after the vigil, Jehovah Overdo showered me with answers. I had 13 admission offers to top graduate schools in the UK, Canada and China but couldn’t attend despite a partial scholarship into one because despite being a First-Class graduate, I was poorer than a church rat and could not even afford to apply for a visa. My career, relationship status, finances and health were making others to mock me and doubt that I was serving God.

I was fed up. I actually gave God till December to show up as my God and stop the reproach or I would quit believing that He exists. So, I fasted one more time. During the fast, I asked God for academic, marital, financial and career elevation. Not only did God restore my broken relationship, He gave me a prestigious, full tuition scholarship to any UK school of my choice; the scholarship award included my visa fee, flight fee to and fro, accommodation and living expenses all paid for! It all still feels like a dream! I have had a troubled life because I grew up in a dysfunctional home but in the midst of that, God saw my tears and wiped them permanently – I can’t remember the last time I cried or was depressed and I used to cry almost every day.

God stopped mockery and did it in style. I don’t cry anymore. God has given me Joy! (I would like this to be published but please don’t include my name or my Twitter handle or phone number).” Very soon, you will not remember your tears again! The God of this vision is a SPECIALIST in “TEAR-WIPING TECHNOLOGY!” This child of God wrote: “…despite being a First-Class graduate, I was poorer than a church rat.” God took this 1st class testifier from 1st class poverty to 1st class favour! Oh, by the way, even “church rats” are no longer poor!

In this year 2021, God will use your life to show the world that it is not how you started but how you end that matters! Those mocking you now will see your celebration and it will come like a dream! Ask the woman caught in Adultery (today’s scripture)! (To be continued tomorrow).

Pray today’s fasting prayers on page 58 of “WAR AGAINST HAMAN-16” booklet and connect to the LAST-DAYWORLD ANOINTING SERVICE of JANUARY 30TH 12PM (Nigeria time). Connect viaYOUTUBE:MANNA TV INTERNATIONAL;INSTAGRAM: ourdailymanna_bishopchris; FACEBOOK: ourdailymannonline. TONIGHT – ON-LINE BREAKING-OF-FAST SERVICE IS VIA FACEBOOK LIVE: ourdailymannaonline. TIME IS 8PM NIGE- RIA TIME. SEE PAGE 27 FOR DETAILS!

Prayer Points!
1. Take Song 2: There’s not a friend…
2. In your own words, pray over today’s word as led now.
3. Lord, cause me to OVERTAKE this year! Change the RULE for my sake!
4. “Jehovah THE TEAR WIPER,” WIPE MY TEARS! Restore any delayed or wasted year! Restore my lost REWARD in Jesus name!
5. Pray about today as led now. For FAITH BOOSTERS, see page 34.

Our Daily Manna 19th January 2021 ODM Devotional written by Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe the founder of the various Manna Prayer Mountain (MPM).

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