NSPPD 21 Days Fasting And Prayer | 14 January 2024 | Streams of Joy | Day 7

NSPPD 21 Days Fasting And Prayer | 14 January 2024 | Streams of Joy | Day 7
NSPPD 21 Days Fasting And Prayer | 14 January 2024 | Streams of Joy | Day 7

NSPPD 21 Days Fasting And Prayer | 14 January 2024 | Streams of Joy | Day 7

NSPPDIANS, What A Week… Next up is our DAY 7 Prayers themed JOYFUL NEWS!!! (Revelation 5, 8, 12:1-12, Psalm 2, Genesis 21:1-8, Psalm 126)

1. 2024 is my time and my turn for joyful news! Whatsoever that diverted what was meant for me in previous years, break! I arise as the next testifier that What God cannot do does not exist! (Nahum 1:9)

2. My 2024 ended in praise! The wounds from yesteryears did not stop my joyful news! In the same places I was hurt/beaten/battered, I emerged stronger, better, greater, more victorious! Hallelujah! (Revelation 5, Hebrews 11:1)

3. In the order of Proverbs 23:18, My 2024 journey with Joyful news will not suddenly end, Any power that shall arise against my joyful news, break! Fire!

4. I WILL NOT BOW! Every wrong posture in my spirit/soul/body standing in the way of my joyful news in 2024, I break out! (John 5:35; Luke 13:13)

5. I belong to the Altar of Fire, God’s presence is here! By the hand of God, Whatever needs to enter for my joyful new to arrive, enter! Whatever must leave, get out by Fire! (Luke 13:13)

6. ___(insert your name)___ as it was for Gideon, Let your Might be in motion! I am not afraid! Destinies are connected to me, I must be more! The presence of God is with me, His power is at work in me, every step I must take to arrive at the place of my joy, I arise! I move! (Judges 6:12-16,7)

7. I am Kingdom! Anointed with the Oil of gladness far above my fellows! I break limits, I cross the lines, I blaze trails! Lord by reason of your kingdom in me, That record that has never been broken in my family/my city/industry/nation/generation, through my life, Let it break! (Psalm 45:7)

8. I was created for His Pleasure! As I Live for Jesus, As I love The Lord and give him my all, Joy is my portion! Every design of man contradicting my divine purpose and causing me pain, I break Out! (Revelations 4:11, Ps 16:11, Numbers 22:23-31)

9. 2024 is my year of MULTIPLES!!! Multiple Doors of Joyful News in my health, business/career/academics/ministry, family, finances, EPHPHATHA!!!! (Mark 7:34)

10. My Joyful news will not exist side by side with negativity, I will not rejoice and cry at the same time, I will not laugh and mourn, any door of pain that shall be opened in this season of my joyful news, I take a journey in the spirit, close by Fire!!! (Ecclesiastes 3:14-17, Proverbs 10:22)

11. Any crown sent to make me bleed, Not my head! My enthronement will not bring me pain! My blessings will not exist side by side with bitter tears! (John 19:2)

12. I redeem all my days in 2024 by the blood of Jesus! By the reason of the blood, I step into new realms of favor, I walk in a greater overflow, I celebrate back to back miracles that sound like lies – Joyful news everywhere! (Ephesians 5:16)

13. 2024 hear me: Heaven is no longer silent! The siege is broken! For all the years i labored and endured in demonic quietness, let my joyful news erupt! Let it burst out! O GA DI LOUD!!!! (Revelation 8 )

14. I am a change agent! I arise as the Joy of my family/city/nation/generation! Wherever I show up, I give Beauty for ashes! The oil of joy for mourning! Laughter for pain! Garment of praise for sorrow! Christ in me : the hope of glory! (Isaiah 61:1)

15. In this season of Revival, I will not be left behind, I manifest the strange acts of God, I carry more miracles, I harvest mega testimonies, my life is an evidence of the Supernatural, I become that major proof that others will see and testify that indeed What God cannot do does not exist! (Psalm 126)

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