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Kenneth Copeland Daily Devotional September 28, 2017 – No Burden

by Chibuzor Nwaobasi

Kenneth Copeland Daily Devotional September 28, 2017

Topic: No Burden

Key Verse: For the [true] love of God is this: that we do His commands [keep His ordinances and are mindful of His precepts and teaching]. And these orders of His are not irksome (burdensome, oppressive, or grievous). – 1 John 5:3, The Amplified Bible

MESSAGE: Do you know why the Word of God and the orders God gives to you in your spirit are not burdensome or oppressive? Because everything He tells you is for your good and for your victory!

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God knows what it takes to live in victory in this present evil world. In fact, He’s the only One who knows. The people of this world cannot tell you how to live victoriously. They don’t know how. But God does! He can make things work, even in the middle of darkness, and if we’ll follow His instructions, commands and precepts from His Word, we can, too!

Let me give you an example. One commandment that God gave to us is to love one another and forgive one another as He has forgiven us. This command is not grievous because it’s the key to our freedom. If you can walk in the love that’s been shed abroad in your heart, you’ll have joy every day. But if you don’t walk in this commandment of love, someone will get your joy before lunch! God knows that. So, He made a command of love and forgiveness because love works! Without love, there won’t be any joy, and the joy of the Lord is our strength.

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Don’t resent God’s teachings. Don’t consider His ways a burden to your lifestyle. Rejoice over them. Take them gladly by the hand and let them lead you all the way to victory!

ScripDailture Reading: 1 John 5:1-5

This Daily Devotional Messages was written by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Founders of Kenneth Copeland Ministries.(KCM)


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