Joel Osteen Devotional 16th January 2024 – Who Rules Within?

Joel Osteen Devotional 16th January 2024 – Who Rules Within?
Joel Osteen 16th January 2024 Daily Devotional

Joel Osteen Devotional 16th January 2024 – Today’s Word with Joel & Victoria Osteen. Read Tuesday Daily Devotional Message by Joel Osteen.

Topic: Who Rules Within?

Today’s Scripture
For if you live according to the flesh, you will die.
Romans 8:13, NIV

There’s a battle taking place inside us between the flesh and the Spirit. The flesh represents our carnal nature that shows out in ways such as jealousy, pride, and compromise. It’s the easy way to live. You just do whatever you feel and don’t have to be disciplined. If someone’s rude to you, you’re rude back to them. If you don’t feel like having a good attitude, you go through the day sour. The flesh wants to rule and have control.

Today’s Scripture calls it living by the dictates of the flesh, which is described as a dictator that makes all the decisions for you. It tells you what to do and when to do it. You just follow orders. If you get stuck in traffic, your flesh will tell you, “Get upset.” If a coworker leaves you out of a meeting, the flesh says, “Get offended.” The problem is that if you keep obeying the flesh, “you will die.” That doesn’t necessarily mean physically, but your dreams will die, your relationships won’t flourish, and your gifts won’t come out as they should.

A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You that I can choose to be disciplined and kind and say no to the flesh and its desires. Thank You that every day I can take my feelings off the throne and allow Your Spirit to control my life. Help me to live by the Spirit and do what’s right. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

About Joel Osteen
Raised in Houston, Texas, with a loving family of seven and world-renowned parents in full-time ministry, Joel Osteen never imagined that he would follow so closely in his father’s footsteps. As a young man, his training and interests were behind the scenes in television production, though he was close to his father in ministry.

“There’s no greater feeling than being able to help people rise higher and overcome something and feel better about themselves. I think that we’re all made to help others, to lift people UP.”- JOEL OSTEEN

His father always encouraged him to preach, but Joel would politely decline time and time again until one day in October 1999 when his father was admitted to the hospital with kidney complications. Joel finally agreed to preach the next Sunday, and his father passed the following week. Joel’s first sermon was the last his father ever heard. Joel and his wife, Victoria, were suddenly thrust into full-time leadership of Lakewood Church.


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