Great Lessons From Christ’s Leadership And Lifestyle – Stephen Akinola

Great Lessons From Christ's Leadership And Lifestyle - Stephen Akinola
Great Lessons From Christ’s Leadership And Lifestyle – Stephen Akinola

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TEXTS: Mark 4:35-39; Luke 9:51-55; Matt.23:1-3; Phil.2:5-8

MEMORISE: “But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.” Matt 5.37.

What a standard! Your communication reveals who you are including the random forwarding of social media information by you without any recourse as to the veracity of the content. Do you know why most gospels and epistles of the Bible begin by introducing the pen man? So that you will know the authority speaking and pay attention to it. Be a man of few words!

Although Jesus was found in fashion as a man, we see in Him qualities that are exceptional and rare to come by. We will attempt to look at His disposition, display of integrity and humility.

1. HIS DISPOSITION: Mark 4:35-39; Luke 9:51-55; John 18:1-12
Disposition is an individual’s inherent qualities of mind and character which are often naturally exhibited ( sometimes as a defense mechanism) in the midst of challenges, difficult times and trying moments. It is the expression of who you are in the midst of a deep crisis situation. Throughout Jesus’ 3 1/2 years of ministry, to the point of crucifixion, No single event, no matter how critical it was, stirred Him to react unadvisedly. Several instances are captured in the scriptures that could have warranted Him to show the man He is but in all, He was perfectly in the best frame of mind and took charge and control even at the point of death. Instances such as : the boisterous raging sea where the apostles were troubled while he slept on, at the dinner where He revealed that Judas will betray Him, at the garden when the soldiers came to take Him captive; when Peter denied Him, His encounters with the religious Pharisees etc.

A man that is able to demonstrate this virtue as a hallmark of repentance from what he would have done as an unbeliever is an attestation of his sanctification. How do you react when common food is served late in a restaurant or by your wife? Think on this!

2. HIS INTEGRITY: John 10:25-30; Matt.22:15-22; 2Cor.1:17; James 5:12; Prov.11:3; Ps.37:4
This is the quality of being honest in all aspects of life. It is based on strong Christian principles on which our conviction revolves.

Jesus operated the finest ministry ever. His actions and inactions were always weighed in the balances of the Gospel. In His sermon on the mount, He stated categorically in Matt.5:37 ” But let your communication be, yea, yea; Nay, Nay; for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil ” what an amazing standard. This clearly condemns:- making promises and not fulfilling, saying yes when you know it is No, jesting, borrowing and refusing to pay, saying half truth etc Name others.

Integrity creates trust and an enabling environment where business can thrive. Are you trusted by your business partners? Do you join them to compromise standards?

3. HUMILITY. Matt.13:55; Luke 9:58; 2Cor.8:9; Heb.4:15;
Success in Ministry, fame and affluence are key factors that can easily launch a man into the societal scale of prosperity. Paradoxically, success itself has proven that it can be difficult to manage, hence the successful man puffs up and boasts of his achievements at the expense of God’s glory. Christ performed incredible miracles, did many signs and wonders with a widely acclaimed fame, yet NONE made Him swell up. Neither did He advertise Himself. Even when He had to ascertain His sonship to John’s disciples He told them in the noblest approach ” …Go your way, and tell John what things, ye have seen and heard …” Luke 7:22-23

He demonstrated to His disciples that true leadership is embedded in servant Hood and not master ship!

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Thanks and God bless for reading Great Lessons From Christ’s Leadership And Lifestyle – Stephen Akinola

Rev. Stephen Akinola, the Founder and General Overseer of Redemption Ministries, Worldwide. He is a very well respected Christian father-figure, a Pastors Pastor, a distinguished preacher of the undiluted Word of God and a spiritual mentor to countless multitudes within and outside the vineyard of the Lord.

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