Daily Devotional For Today 27 June 2022 : Turn To Me

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Daily Devotional For Today 27 June 2022: Inspirational Message and Prayer

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Topic: Turn to Me

Again we have a prophet spreading God’s message of love, begging the people to admit their wrongdoing, and sincerely repent and turn back to him. When you read the Old Testament, you start to wonder if they will ever learn. I wonder what historians one hundred years from now will say about us and our behavior.

Will they read the New Testament and find remnants of Christian groups and compare their behavior with the Bible, and find us worthy of the name? I’m not so sure. Not only is there a lot of what I consider very un-Christian behavior by individuals but also by Christian groups towards one another. Perhaps we should reread Joel and the messages given by some of the other prophets and take these messages to heart.

God wants us to turn to him. He wants us to take responsibility for our actions, and ask forgiveness so that he can forgive and renew us. God isn’t looking for grandiose exhibitions of repentance, but a sincerity of heart. It’s how much we are willing to change our behavior. It’s how welcoming we will be to the stranger, how much we are willing to help others to grow in their faith as well as how willing we are to grow in our own. Daily devotional For Today 27 June 2022

Prayer For Today
Forgiving God, you are so patient with us. We repeat our sinful behaviors again and again. We turn to you today and ask for your forgiveness and the desire to change. Amen.
Scripture: Joel 2:12-13

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