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Catholic Daily Prayer for Today 10 November 2021

by Chibuzor Nwaobasi

Catholic Daily Prayer for Today 5 November 2021, Friday
Catholic Daily Prayer for Today 10 November 2021, Wednesday

It is not only a good practice to begin and go through each day with a daily prayer, but essential. Prayers are the only way we can communicate with God and the only way he can communicate back. It is essential to have a daily prayer routine beginning in the morning after waking up and in every stage during the day till you go back to bed. (Catholic Daily Prayer for Today 10 November 2021)

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A daily prayer routine starts in the morning with a prayer to thank God for waking up, then before each meal, also before facing any challenging situation for you or those around you and finally before going to bed. some prayers you can use are prayers like:

Daily Prayer for Strength

Oh Lord my God, You give me all the strength that I need in life. As I undergo this trying moment, offer me a yoke that is good to bear and a burden that is light. Dear Father, You may take away this burden that I have, but if it is Your will that bear it, then shower me with Your strength and fortitude.

Dear Lord, do not leave me alone for sometimes I feel like letting go. The fear and the pain that engulfs me is a bit too much, and I feel that I do not have the strength to push through on my own.

Lord Jesus, You have assured us that when we turn to You, You will always hear our prayers. I know that I am undergoing this because of a sin I have committed or for preparation for higher service to You. Therefore Lord God, grant me the strength that I need today, and may Your will be done in my life.

Forgive me my sins and guide me so that I do not fall into temptations. Focus Your eyes on me for all my hopes rest in You. I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

Daily Morning Prayer

Lord God, let me not be separated from You today. Help me to choose to do Your will today and may everything I do be good and according to Your Holy Will. May I be of benefit to my family, friends, neighbours, and the entire community.

Dear Lord, May every step I take and every move I make lead me closer to You. Help me to not work by my feelings, but by Your Word. Protect me from my own sinful thoughts, words, and actions and keep my heart pure and unblemished.

Lord God, suppress my selfish wants and vain thoughts and help me embrace Your Wish for me today. Father, help me to accept all that comes my way today as a lesson and an opportunity rather than an inconvenience. Father, always help me to remember that You are always a gift in my life. Amen.

Daily Bread Prayer

“Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.

For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are Yours, now and forever. Amen.”

Daily Prayer for School

Lord God, we bring our school into Your mighty hands. May You bless the learners, teachers, and staff who work here so that the learning process, to discover how great You are, happens smoothly.

May You, Almighty God, make our school be a place of great discovery, adventure, and also a place where we all learn to love as well love to learn. Help us to respect, value, and treat each other as brothers and sisters. We pray this through Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour. Amen.

Daily Evening Prayer

O Lord, I thank You very much for all the graces I have received from You today. Forgive me, Dear Lord, if I have not utilized them to the fullest and I beg that You give me another chance to utilize them.

Lord God, I resent all the sins that I have committed against You. I beg for Your forgiveness. Shower me with Your grace and love so that I do not repeat the sins.

My Lord Jesus, have pity on me and all my loved ones and protect us this night. My dear Blessed Mother Mary pray for me for protection this night. May St. Joseph, angels, and all the saints in heaven pray for me tonight so that I may be protected from snares of sin and evil. Amen.

Daily Night Prayer

Almighty and ever-living God, I am guilty of forgetting that You are with me always. I also forget how good You have been to me. I am sincerely sorry for that.

Dear Lord, I am thirsting to know You more and more. I want to better understand Your promises and Your teachings so that I can learn to put You first in everything I do in life.

Oh Lord my God, You told us not to worry about tomorrow but focus instead on our God-given tasks today. Help me then to live one day at a time.

Tonight Dear Lord, I place my trust in the promises You have made to mankind that when we know, love, serve praise and glorify You, You will take care of all our relational, spiritual, emotional, financial, social and physical needs. Help me to worry less and to trust You more and more. In Jesus’ name, I pray and believe. Amen.

Daily Prayer – Daily Blessing Prayer

“Blessed be the Lord and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who has blessed us with our every need in Jesus Christ. Father how can we thank You enough for the abundant grace and unconditional love that has been showered down upon all Your children without measure and without expectations. 

We Praise and thank You for choosing us before the foundation of the world. To become Your children and heirs together with Christ Jesus our Lord, and have set us apart to be holy and blameless before You for all the days of our lives. Lord, You have even adopted us as Your Children and sat us together with Christ in your heavenly palace, Your goodness is unfathomable and Your loving kindness rejoices our hearts and humbles our spirit. 

Lord, we are not worthy to bend down and tie Your shoelaces and yet You have lifted us up and seated us together with Christ in heavenly places. We worship and adore You and we bless Your holy name forever and ever. Amen. “

Daily Prayer for Family

“Father, I pray for protection and safety over my spouse, children, parents, family members and myself on this day. Lord, please lead us with Your mighty hands today and forever. God deliver us from all enemies and evil that tries to hinder our way today. Please do not let the ways of the enemy blind our path. We know that You are for us so that no one could ever be against us. Please watch over us and guide us all safely throughout this day, so that we may all arrive safely back home, Father. Amen.”

Daily Prayer – Daily Morning Prayer Catholic

“O great Father, the sovereign God of heaven and earth, I humble myself before You. With all the Angels and Saints I adore You, I acknowledge You to be my Creator and sovereign Lord, my first beginning and last end. I offer to You the homage of my being and life. I submit myself to Your holy Will, and I devote myself to Your divine service on this day and forever. Amen”

Daily Prayer Meditation

“Lord Jesus Christ, we pray when the world closes in on us, let us remember Your example and slip away to find a quiet place to pray.

We know it is the best alternative when we are pushed beyond our limits. Lord, we know that when we are unable to pray, You look into our hearts. Continue to use us to do Your will Lord, and walk in Your path.

Heavenly Father, we pray for those who do not know You personally. Lord, we also pray for those who do not believe. May we be a living witness of Your love, joy, and peace. Lord Jesus and in our example may Your blessed name be glorified together with the Father in heaven. Amen”

Daily prayer for Women

” Dear Jesus, You have rescued me and made me Your precious daughter. Thank you for your gifts of grace, forgiveness and boundless love. Allow me to bath in those gifts and let them cover every part of my life. Strengthen me through Your Word to be the woman you desire me to be, that I could honor you in my life and marriage. Lord strengthen our marriage to be a reflection of Your perfect love, the symbol of grace and commitment that you have shown to us.

Lord give me Your eyes to see my husband as a precious soul for whom you died and give me Your heart to love him in accordance to the intimate love you have poured into me. Forgive me when I fail Jesus. When I stumble and sin call me to account and lead me to the cross. Find me there Lord, comfort me with your salvation and guide me on the path of salvation so that everything I do brings glory to Your name and light to a dark world. You are my Savior and my God, whom I love and proclaim, Amen.”

Daily Prayer – Daily Devotional Prayer

“Dear Father, You made me for blessed duties. You gave me the desire to always adapt and develop in my ability to love You and my neighbors. Help me to make progress on my targets each day and not to dwell on the conclusion that you may bring out of that obedience. Lord, please remind me often that your conclusions of every matter will always bear fruit even though the conclusion may be different than I was expecting. Your ways are above my ways. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

Daily Prayer – Jesus Daily Prayer

“God, thank you that you are the one who can change me. Lord thank you that I do not have to change myself. Thank you, Jesus Christ, for dying so that we could have a life. Help us not to judge others for their sin, but to treat them with love and humility. Help us come to you just as we are: broken, flawed, but fully alive and revived by the power of your blood on the cross. Thank you Jesus! The gospel is such good news. Help me live into that each day. Amen.”

Daily Prayer for Myself

“Lord, please pardon me for the times I have said and done things without foresight. Father, please remind me to consider self-control as “God-control”. It is not simply trying to control myself with human effort. But it is instead depending on the Holy Spirit to guide my way and choices.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, You overcame Satan in his attempts to tempt you to show Your power with a spirit of self-control. Now I call upon Your blessed Name. I ask You to bless me with the same virtue, which is very much needed in most aspects of my life. Lord, I seek Your assistance and guidance. May Your Holy Spirit fill me with power, as I come in prayer and raise my petitions before You.”

Church of England Daily Prayer

“Almighty Father, Lord of all mercies, we your unworthy servants give you most humble and hearty thanks for all your goodness and loving kindness.

We praise you for creating us, our preservation, and all the blessings of this life; but above all, for your immeasurable love in the salvation of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ, for the means of grace, and for the hope of glory.

Lord give us, we pray, such a sense of all your mercies that our hearts may be unwaveringly thankful, and that we show forth your praise, not only with our words, but also in our lives, by giving up ourselves to your service, and by walking before you in holiness and righteousness all our days; through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom, with you and the Holy Spirit,be all honour and glory, forever and ever. Amen.”

adapted from The Book of Common Prayer

Daily Prayer – Prayer for peace

“Lord, who is more than we can ever understand,
help us to find you, and you alone.
Father help us to stand before all that we can do
and look for what you would do, and emulate that. Lord
lift from us our need to achieve all that we can be
and instead, surrender to what you want us to be.
Give us ways to refrain from the busyness
that will put us on edge and off balance,
give us today your peace.”


Daily Prayer – Prayers of Hope

“Blessed father, I am your humble servant,
I come before you on this day in search of hope.
For there are times when I feel helpless, and
there are times when I feel weak.
Father, I pray for hope.

I need hope for a better future, hope for a better life, Lord
I need hope for love and kindness.
Some people say that the sky is at it’s
darkest just before the dawn.
I pray that this is true, for all seems dark at the moment.
I need your light, Lord, in every way. Father
I pray to be filled with your light from
head to toe. To soak in your glory.
To know that all is right with the world,
as you have planned, and as you want
it to be. 

Help me to walk in your light, and live
my life in faith and glory.
In your Name. I pray. Amen.”

Daily Prayer – Prayer for Today

“Father, we pray that by Your grace, we’ll bear witness at the end of this day. We will do this by walking in Your divine light and You’ll see us through Blessed God. Your company will encourage us to keep going when we want to give up Lord. Your will shall renew our hope when our hopes waver. Father, no circumstance that’ll harm us shall occur today. but instead, happiness and miracles are what we’ll experience by Your hand on this day. We appreciate Your everlasting love Father and in Your Name, we pray. Amen.”

Daily Prayer – Intercessory Prayer

” Save us, O God, and have mercy upon the old, the young, the needy, the orphans, the widows, and on all who are in sickness and sorrow, in trouble and affliction, in oppression and captivity, in prison and captivity. More importantly have mercy upon Your servants who are under persecution for Your sake and for the sake of the Christian Faith at the hands of heathen nations, of apostates, and of heretics: remember them, visit and strengthen them, comfort them Lord, and by your Graces grant them, by Your power, relief, freedom, and deliverance. Amen “

Daily prayer – Prayer for Marriage

“Almighty Father, You created everything in this world. You thought of it all. There is nothing faulty in what You have made. You are so wonderful and from where I stand, I’m in awe of You. I Love You, Lord!

Gracious and forgiving Father, today I thank You for pairing me with someone special to be my spouse, whom You have also created in Your image and likeness.

Father, You knew us before we were born and already knew we would be together. You have given us both responsibilities as husband and wife.

I trust that, as we walk in faith and unfailing love, You will protect us from the evil forces in this unpredictable world. Amen.”

Daily Prayer – Prayer Before Meal

“Lord, what a good Father You are! You give us so many great things to eat, a place to dwell, a home to live in, a family to love, a church to worship in, a job to support ourselves, and so much more. Lord thank You for everything particularly this meal that we are preparing to eat, we thank You for this too.  Father we all know this comes from Your hand and nothing happens outside of Your will and it has pleased You to bless us so plentifuly. 

Lord, You are kinder to us than we really deserve but such is your forgiving nature toward Your children, that You’ve brought to Yourself through the price of Your Son’s life.  To imagine that He would die for us and that You would bless us so much is beyond expectation. I know You are pleased with the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving and so we give You thanks and praise You for Your kindness Lord, and in the Name above all names, Jesus Christ, I pray.  Amen.

Catholic Daily Prayer for Today 10 November 2021 Wednesday