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Billy Graham Daily Devotional July 28, 2017 – Truth and Fiction

by Divine Chibuzor
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Billy Graham Daily Devotional July 28, 2017

TOPIC: Truth and Fiction

KEY VERSE: . . . make known to the sons of men his mighty acts, and the glorious majesty of his kingdom.  —Psalm 145:12

MESSAGE: Some years ago I heard about a clergyman who had a friend who was an actor. The actor was drawing large crowds of people, and the clergyman was preaching to a few in the church. He said to his actor friend, “Why is it that you draw great crowds, and I have no audience at all?

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Your words are sheer fiction, and mine are unchangeable truth.” The actor’s reply was quite simple. “I present my fiction as though it were truth; you present your truth as though it were fiction.”

I fear that so often we Christians give the idea that the truth is fiction by the way we live and by the lack of dedication to the teachings of our Lord.

We can all grow in our faith. Browse these spiritual growth topics for answers and guidance.

Prayer for the day: Lord Jesus, I would completely yield my life to You, so that others may know that the Savior I love and serve is the truth!

This daily devotional was written by Billy Graham, the founder of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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