Billy Graham Daily Devotional Monday July 3, 2017 – The Highest Law

Billy Graham Daily Devotional Monday July 3, 2017

Topic: The Highest Law

Key Verse: All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable . . . – 2 Timothy 3:16

MESSAGE: The men who framed our Constitution knew they were writing the basic document for a government of free men; they recognized that men could live as free and independent beings only if each one knew and understood the law. They were to know their rights, their privileges, and their limitations. They were to stand as equals before the court of law, and few judges could be unfair; for the judge, too, was bound by the same law and required to try each case accordingly. . . .

Billy Graham Daily Devotional

Billy Graham Daily Devotional: A Prayer Is A Conversation

As the Constitution is the highest law of the land, so the Bible is the highest law of God. For it is in the Bible that God sets forth His spiritual laws. It is in the Bible that God makes His enduring promises. It is in the Bible that God reveals the plan of redemption for the human race.

Do you have questions about the Bible? Find answers.

Prayer for the day: Almighty God, each day our nation and we, the people, face so many crises. May each one of us seek wisdom through Your Word, the Bible.

This daily devotional was written by Billy Graham, Founder Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

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