Scripture Union Daily Guide 17 July 2020 – Thanksgiving for God’s deliverance

Scripture Union Daily Guide 17 July 2020
Scripture Union Daily Guide 17 July 2020 

Topic: Thanksgiving for God’s deliverance

Opening Prayer: My dear heavenly Father, as I study your word, let it be a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

Scripture: Psalm 116:1–19

• Is there any example for me to follow or not to follow?
• What is God revealing to me in this passage?

Many a time, when we receive God’s deliverance, we are carried away by the joy of our deliverance and forget to return thanks to our deliverer. This was not so with the psalmist who expressed his love for God for responding when he called him in the midst of trouble. Indeed, sickness, terror of death and other societal problems can cause us to be anxious but with absolute trust in the Lord, we can overcome our fears.

What are the qualities of God as expressed by the psalmist in vv.5–6? We should be confident and believe in our heart that God is good and will hear us (v.7). Notice what God did for the psalmist in v.8 and his response to this kind gesture from God in vv.9–11?

A generous heart always loves to reciprocate kind gestures (v.12). Can you remember any good done to you for which you have not returned thanks either to God or man? See other things we can offer to God in vv.13,14, 17–18. The Psalmist promised to pay his vows.

How many of us have unpaid vows, pledges and promises made to God and man? (See Ecclesiastes 5:1–6, Judges 11:35).

⁂ Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?
Practice/Word Application
• So what? When we appreciate God for what he has done, we give him room to do more for us.
• May I never fail to return thanks to you daily for my life, dear Lord.
• Pray that the various efforts at communicating the gospel of Christ will yield immense results in the souls to be won.
• Offer a prayer of faith in line with Joshua 3:7

Read the Bible in one Year
Psalms 20–22; Acts 13:26–52

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