Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional 23 July 2020 – Be Consistently Confident

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional 23 July 2020

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional 23 July 2020 

Topic: Be Consistently Confident

For in the Gospel a righteousness which God ascribes is revealed, both springing from faith and leading to faith . . . The man who through faith is just and upright shall live . . . by faith. — Romans 1:17 (AMPC)

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional 23 July 2020 Message

Confidence is rooted in faith in God. This is why it’s so important that we choose to be consistently confident, not occasionally confident. I had to learn to remain confident when I was told by friends and family that a woman should not be teaching the Bible. I knew God had called me to teach His Word, but I was still affected by the rejection of people. I had to grow in confidence to the point where others’ opinions—and their acceptance or rejection—didn’t shake my confidence level. My confidence had to be in God, not in people.

Romans 1:17 tells us that we can go from faith to faith. I spent many years going from faith to doubt to unbelief and then back to faith. Then I realized that when I lose my confidence, I leave a door open for the enemy to work in my life. If I allow him to steal my confidence, I suddenly have no faith to minister to people.

If you want to succeed, choose to be consistently confident. Be confident about your gifts and calling, your ability in Christ. Believe you hear from God and that you are led by the Holy Spirit. See yourself as a winner in Him. When you focus on His great love for you, you’ll have boldness to do great things!

Prayer Starter: Father, please help me to see myself the way You do, so my confidence won’t be shaken by people’s opinions. Thank You for loving me, leading me, and strengthening me today. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

From the book Closer to God Each Day – by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional 23 July 2020 – Joyce Meyer is an American Charismatic Christian author and speaker and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Joyce and her husband Dave have four grown children.

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