Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 12 July 2020 – Remove the Graveclothes

Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 12 July 2020

Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 12 July 2020

Topic: Remove the Graveclothes

And the dead man came out, his hands and feet bound in graveclothes, his face wrapped in a headcloth. Jesus told them, “Unwrap him and let him go!” – John 11:44, NLT

Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 12 July 2020 Message

In John 11, when Lazarus was raised from the dead, Jesus told them, “Unwrap the graveclothes and let him go.” Even though God had done something amazing on the inside, somebody had to be willing to take off the messy, decaying, smelly graveclothes or he would never have experienced the fullness of what God had done.

There are people around us who are wearing graveclothes. God breathed life into them and has given them purpose, but on the outside, they’re still bound. They have addictions and bad habits, struggle with anger, and perhaps are loose in their morals. They’re messy.

It’s tempting to think, When they clean themselves up and it’s not so stinky, I’ll help them. Why don’t you be the one to speak faith into them, to see the best in them, to help them get free? Love heals, love restores, love lifts up, love takes time to care. You can be a graveclothes remover.

A Prayer for Today: “Father, thank You for freely giving me Your grace and mercy that I might freely give it to others. Thank You that I can help lift the fallen, restore the broken, and heal the hurting. Help me to be willing to get dirty and love people who are messy. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 12 July 2020 Message – Joel Scott Osteen is an American pastor, televangelist, and author, based in Houston, Texas. Osteen has been called the “most popular preacher on the planet” and is often listed as one of the most influential religious leaders in the world.

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