Billy Graham Daily Devotional 25th June 2018

Billy Graham 10th June 2018 Devotional

Topic: His Love is Obvious

Key Verse: . . the love of God toward us . . . (1 John 4:9)

Message: Notice God’s love. The Bible teaches that God is love. You and I were sinners. We were aliens from God. We were enemies of God. We had rebelled against God. We deserved hell, but in spite of the fact that we resisted God, we rebelled against God, we sinned against God, we were enemies of God—the Bible says God loved us anyway with an everlasting love so that He was willing to give His Son to die on the cross for our sins. There is not a person who has the ability to love that way unless he comes to Christ. You don’t have the power to love.

Billy Graham 10th June 2018 Devotional – His Love is Obvious

Prayer for the day
Your love encompasses me, Lord Jesus, wherever I may be. There are so many who need the healing of Your love in their lives. Fill me to overflowing with “agapé” love for them.

Daily Devotional written by Billy Graham!

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