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Billy Graham Devotional 21 March 2019 – Satisfaction in Him



Billy Graham Devotional 21 March 2019

Topic: Satisfaction in Him

Scripture: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness. — Psalm 17:15

Message: Is it not logical to believe that the only one who can recreate us is the One who created us in the first place? If your watch were out of order, you wouldn’t take it to a blacksmith. If your car needed overhauling, you wouldn’t go to a machine shop.

Billy Graham Devotional 21 March 2019 – Satisfaction in Him

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Our spiritual problems can be solved only by the God who created us originally. He created us in His own image and likeness; today, by the grace of His Son, He can recreate us in the likeness of His resurrection. Through faith in Jesus Christ, we are recreated and become partakers of His life.

Prayer for the day: There is so much that is out of order in my life, Lord. Remake all the parts that need the infinite healing of your re-creation.

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Today’s Daily Devotional was written by Billy Graham, Founder of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association(BGEA). BGEA exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ by every effective means and to equip the church and others to do the same

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