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Billy Graham 29 October 2018 Daily Devotional – Battle of the Spirit



Billy Graham Devotional 22 March 2019 

Billy Graham 29 October 2018 Daily Devotional 

Topic: Battle of the Spirit

Scripture: . . Let the peace of God rule in your hearts . . . — Colossians 3:15

Message: When we examine the problems that confront us in our world today, we find that every one of them resolves into a problem of “inner space,” a problem of the dark side of the human spirit. From thousands of letters we receive, it is evident that a large proportion of the population is facing deep personal problems. They vary from person to person, but they do exist, and they are all problems of “inner space.”

Yes, we are the people who have been conquering outer space, but are in danger of losing the battle of the spirit. But there is a solution-for millions it has already been reached-and that solution is in Jesus Christ. He said, “My peace”-my liberty, my freedom-“I give unto you” (John 14:27).

Billy Graham 29 October 2018 Daily Devotional – Battle of the Spirit

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Today if we will turn the searchlight of truth on the dark side of our human spirits and let Jesus Christ become the Master Control of our lives, a new day will dawn for us. Submit the “inner space” of your life to Him.

Prayer for the day: How often I hurt deep down inside me, Lord, but the knowledge of Your love and compassion brings me hope and peace.

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Today’s Daily Devotional was written by Billy Graham, Founder of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association(BGEA). BGEA exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ by every effective means and to equip the church and others to do the same.

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