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Seeds of Destiny Daily Devotional January 5, 2018 – Understanding Vision


Seeds of Destiny Daily Devotional January 5, 2018 – Dr Paul Enenche

Topic: Understanding Vision

SCRIPTURE: And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. Habakkuk 2:2

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: If you do not know where to go, you will not leave where you are.

MESSAGE: Yesterday, we saw the necessity of conceiving vision for the year 2018. We noted that without a clear definition of destination, stagnation and frustration in life are inevitable. Hence, there is a need to conceive vision for the year, 2018.

Now, the question is, what is vision? Take note the following three definitions:
1. Vision is a clear definition of life’s destination. Vision implies understanding where one wants to go in life or knowing what one wants to achieve.

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2. Vision is a clear picture of a preferred future. It is picturing the kind of future you prefer for 2018 as well as for the rest of your life. This is because to live by chance is to end by chance.

3. Vision is the direction of life’s motion. It is knowing the direction you would like your life to move. As a pastor or a businessman, it is vision that determines the direction your life is going per time.

Having defined vision, we will consider one impact of vision:
The fuel for motion!

Vision is the fuel for motion. Motion is never possible without vision. The point is, if you do not know where to go, you will not leave where you are. This is why the absence of vision is the abundance of stagnation.

My counsel is, refuse the life of stagnation by conceiving a solid and achievable vision for your life.

REMEMBER THIS: If you do not know where to go, you will not leave where you are.

1. Ask God to give you a solid and achievable vision for 2018.
2. Endeavour to work towards actualizing your vision.

PRAYER: O Lord, I ask for a clear revelation of what You want me to do this year, 2018, so that my life can move forward in Jesus’ Name.

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TODAY IN HISTORY: 05/01/2005 – Eris, the most massive and second-largest known dwarf planet in the Solar System was discovered by the team of Michael E. Brown, Chad Trujillo, and David L. Rabinowitz using images originally taken on October 21, 2003, at the Palomar Observatory.

DAILY READING: Genesis 11:1 to 13:4, Matthew 5:1 to 26, Psalm 5:1 to 12, Proverbs 1:24 to 28

QUOTE: Vision is the insight into God’s plan for a man’s life. Culled from 10 PRINCIPAL SECRETS OF PRINCIPAL PEOPLE by Dr Paul Enenche.

Seeds of Destiny Daily Devotional Messages was written by Dr Paul Enenche, the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre.

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